What Makes Sonship

What makes a good employee in the work force? What makes a faithful person in their position? Someone who understands sonship, whether male or female. In ancient times only sons were given the family inheritance and blessings. A daughters only hope of inheritance, in most situations, was through marriage. In Christ there is neither male nor female, but each is given a spirit of sonship where a spiritual inheritance and blessing is available. Thanks to the grace of God this is simply given to us by faith, apart from our self worth. But what does a good son look like in the practical sense? I believe that if one understands what sonship is it will make them a great person and employee in the work place.

A good son will make his father’s priority his own priority. In doing so he learns what true submission is. There are two types of submission. First one is forced submission where the person under authority is required to obey orders even if the person does not want to. The second kind is willful submission to authority that yields favor and peace. This kind of submission agrees and supports the direction given. This obviously becomes helpful in the work place since an employee who follows orders willfully and with eagerness to see it accomplished will be given favor.

Secondly a good son will honor his father. To honor is to hold in high respects and to esteem. This means the son will always speak well of their father to others. The son will talk about their father’s strengths and not undermine him by complaining or back stabbing. The Bible says those who honor their parents will be given long life. In the work place an employee who honors their boss no matter who they are will most likely be given long tenure. However, if an employee regularly complains and talks badly about their boss behind their back will not be benefiting anyone.

Thirdly, a good son will think about his father’s desires before his own. He will think about and do what makes his father happy. It is easy to see how this would be beneficial in the work place, because any boss will appreciate the one who makes their desires important to them. This doesn’t mean only when the boss is nice, but any time.

Most folks have heard of the golden rule, which is to love others as you love yourself. This also applies to our relationships with our parents and to our employers.