Role of a Son

There are multiple roles in a family. Father, mother, son, daughter, oldest, youngest, brother, sister, etc. Each role of the family is important and serves the family as a whole. The role that requires the most service and responsibility is the head of the family and that is the role of the father. He is to lay his life down for his wife in love and support her. The father also is the encourager, teacher and the one who builds up his children in love. Never disciplining out of anger, but out of love to properly guide them to reach their destiny. The role of the son is to obey, honor, and help his parents. Jesus exampled this well at the age of 12 when he stayed at the temple when his family caravan left Jerusalem to head back home. When his parents returned days later to find him they asked him to return home. Jesus told his parents he had to do his Father’s business. But his earthly parents didn’t understand, yet Jesus still obeyed them and returned with them.

In the unfortunate situation where your father may have neglected his role and possibly chosen the life of selfishness, the son is still required to fulfill his role. Not only does this bring joy to the family it also brings maturity to the son. When we follow the order of God’s design in life it brings blessing and favor in the long run over time. Giving someone love and blessing them when they do not deserve it is walking in the example of Jesus. He gave his life for us when we didn’t deserve it. He also still provides for us and makes blessings available to us if we ask, yet we don’t deserve them. He is more interested in a relationship and connection with us than we understand. Therefore, showing our earthly father love when we feel he doesn’t deserve it, may not be easy, but only brings blessings to our maturity and to our life in the long run.

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