What is the Purpose?

What is the original intention of the bible? With the knowledge that God has, through many writers, constructed the text we have now, what message has He given us? Throughout the bible it has been referred to as “the way”. But what I have asked myself is if it is a way to walk down, where is it going and why. Is reading the bible and becoming a Christian the way to enter a sub-culture in society or is it something much more? God did not send His son to die so we become ethically nice people in our culture. The teachings of Jesus were not for man to become intellectually smarter. This “way” found in the bible is for a spiritual connection with God. It is for our ability to access the spiritual realm now and be with God after our life is complete on earth. Yes the bible contains guidance on how we should treat each other, but this is to show us an example of how God behaves toward man. The bible is very clear that God is unique and set apart in His goodness toward man in compassion, grace, faithfulness, love, forgiveness, and justice. He is the ultimate example of these attributes. In addition as we compare ourselves to His dealings with us we realize we fall short of such perfect goodness. This is why Jesus died, so as we follow Him we may obtain connection with God and see His goodness and have it effect our lives.